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Welcome to Grayce Egami Inc.

We are known for our Divine Serum™ a plant-based, paraben-free moisturizer made with a puree of fresh aloe nectar, olive seed oils, and unrefined shea butter fruit. Our salve is a power-house of nutrition for the skin with naturally occurring vitamin A, B, & E to encourage healthy skin & hair conditioning. Use our Salve daily for your hands, feet, elbows, scalp, or total body. It’s a moisturizer packed with a unique blend of ingredients that naturally seal in moisture to help condition and protect dry and damaged skin.

Grayce EGami, Inc. Signature products were formulated by the originator due to her daughter’s suffering with a severe dry skin condition. “see our Product Development page”

There are several groups of customers who “LOVE” our Products:
Group 1:

Have dry skin and need a deep moisturizing & conditioning emollient.

Group 2:
Have sensitive skin from prescriptions, medical conditions, medical treatments, or topical surgeries.

Group 3:
Have skin burns, raw skin, skin sores, skin tears, skin rashes, diaper rash, dry scalp, dry hair, cracked cuticles, or itching.

Group 4:
Have dry skin from professional or sports industries i.e. cosmetology, fire fighters, health care professionals, mechanics, construction workers, carpentry workers, freezer auditors, athletics, swimming instructors, etc.

We offer a quality plant-based Salve made with ingredients that do not contain artificial colorings, dyes, parabens, steroids, petroleum, harsh chemicals, nor tested on animals. The Divine products were developed to clean, hydrate, nourish, condition, soothe, and protect dry and damaged skin. All Products made in the USA.

Supportive Product Lines

We know that Superior supplementation is important when trying to achieve healthy skin. Our supporting companies focus on building healthy bodies through Natural Nutrition and Supplementation.
We know, cleaning your environment with a skin condition may be challenging. Harsh chemicals in your clothes and in your home can directly agitate sensitive skin. We recommend safe all natural cleaning solutions for those with sensitivity to chemical based cleaning products. Click Here >> Shop Today @ Young Living for your chemical-free solutions.


The essential oils in Young Living’s have been revered for centuries for their restorative properties for the body, mind, and spirit. Pure essential oils are a key solution to the challenges facing modern lifestyles.
Essential oils are freshly cultivated and distilled from plants, shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. When using Young Living Essential Oils, you are receiving the benefit of the purest and most potent part of the plant. Primarily extracted through careful steam distillation but also through cold pressing, the purest essential oils can be far more powerful than the botanical from which they were extracted.
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Our whole food nutrition program is perfect for repairing and developing strong skin, Fast. When you’ve had itchy skin for awhile your skin can become torn, bruised, sore, thin, and sensitive. Our wholefood program feeds your skin from the inside Out! Juice Plus+ is the #1 National Provider of whole food based nutrition. Juice Plus+ provides the best way to fuel your body with the proper fruits and vegetables each day. It supplies the body with the fuel it needs to perform at it’s best all day long, while promoting healthy skin regeneration.
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