Affiliates Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What sales forms do I complete for orders?

A: Most Independent Sales Affiliates will order product directly from the Grayce Egami company website ( For those without computer access, forms can be provided for manual entry of order data.

Q: What is the standard sales script that I should use to introduce the Grayce Egami natural skincare products to new customers?

A: Independent Sales Affiliates should utilize the company provided All Natural Skin Care PowerPoint company presentation in Distributor Kits, provided marketing tools, third party video testimonials, and their own personal testimonials to support product sales.

Q: How many units are required for a wholesale customer order?

A: A minimum order of 36 units.

Q: What marketing tools do you provide for Independent Sales Affiliates?

A: Independent Sales Affiliates are provided with universal post cards, brochures, product sample cards, 1 oz sized Divine Serum samples, 2 oz sized Divine Lather samples, an All Natural Skin Care PowerPoint company presentation, Independent Sales Affiliate and a video presentation of customer user testimonials.

Q: What conditions should products be stored in to maintain their quality and effectiveness?

A: Product are preserved best and maintained according to the following recommendations:

  • Preserve the products in refrigeration after 30 days from the original opening date
  • Products are made with natural ingredients that will deteriorate faster if left in room temperature greater than 30 days from the time of initial use
  • If products are left in room temperature greater than 30 days, there can be no guarantee on product freshness
  • If product appears to be in a decomposing state before 30 days at room temperature, please discard and call in for replacement at 1-888-378-3315
  • Product may be kept at cool room temperature up to 30 days; refrigerate thereafter
  • Avoid heat to product, product is oil based and heat sensitive; product can soften or melt down in warm temperatures
  • If skin irritation persists, please contact your physician
  • The product is NOT medicine, and cannot be used to TREAT any Disease, Severe condition, or Sickness of any kind.

Q: What is the projected time frame for orders to be delivered to customers?

A: The customer should normally expect the products to be delivered 7 to 14 days after the order is placed. Unless otherwise stated due to customized orders.

Q: Can customers order directly from the company website?

A: Yes, the customers may order products directly from the company website via a company supplied affiliation link. Customers will be provided with appropriate codes that will align their purchases with the selling Independent Sales Affiliate so that appropriate credit is given.

Q: Are there clinical trials data on the products available for customer review?

A: No, the products are over-the-counter and their effectiveness are demonstrated by testimonies provided by actual product users.

Q: Who has primary responsibility for customer service follow up after an order is taken?

A: The Independent Sales Affiliate is responsible for following up with the customer approximately 1 week after scheduled delivery to verify the customer’s receipt of the product and to respond to any initial question that the customer may have. Subsequent contact with the customer will be handled by the company’s corporate support team.

Q: What is the process for entering a new customer product order?

A: Customer orders will be entered via the company website or email submission of manual order forms to [email protected]

Q: What is the compensation to Independent Sales Affiliate for customer sales?

A: Independent Sales Affiliates will receive a base compensation in the amount of Fifteen Percent (15%) commission of the total sales after tax. The published unit cost of all products are listed on the company website. Payment will be made via direct deposit or company check submitted to the Independent Sales Affiliate address on record included, also included in Independent Sales Affiliate Agreement.

Q: What is the frequency of payments to Independent Sales Affiliates for orders secured?

A: Earned commission payments will be submitted to the Independent Sales Affiliates every thirty (30) days.

Q: Are there any territorial restrictions for product sales for Independent Sales Affiliates?

A: No, Independent Sales Affiliates are free to market and sell the products to anyone, anywhere within the Continental USA. Wherever and however products are sold, they must be sold using the medical disclaimer “This product is NOT Medicine and CAN NOT be used to TREAT any Disease, Severe condition, or Sickness of any kind”.

Q: Can Independent Sales Affiliates utilize Social Media to market and promote product sales?

A: Independent Sales Affiliates may use Social Media to market, promote and sell products, but they MUST follow the strict company guidelines regarding medical claims and disclosures.

Q: Can Independent Sales Affiliates refer others to join their mission in promoting the Grayce Egami, Inc. natural skincare products?

A: Yes, Independent Sales Affiliates may build a team to support their efforts, and compensations are varied accordingly. For more information regarding this team effort, please call 1-888-378-3315, and speak with an Affiliate Manager.


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