Customer Testimonials


Everything is going great with the Divine Serum except my niece is using it up 🙂 Her baby had some kind of rash pop up and she used the Divine Serum and it cleared it right up! So, now she is asking for some every other day. I told her to go order her own! – P. Cole


My husband tried your wonderful serum a few days after I brought it home to him, and he said to tell you it worked great!  It stopped the itching and he has not had to apply any more yet. Best wishes in your businesses. – S. Deaton


Thank you so much for the products that I purchased. I have tried the Baby Powder and Sweet Pea so far, and I love them! My skin feels so soft. Thank you so much. It’s nice to be able to smell and feel feminine again. Happy Customer, – N. Carrera


I was very impressed with the package I received last week. It shows the care you put in. It’s not just the product … it is the total package. Wish you roaring success! – D. Jolly


I Hope this finds you doing well.  I wanted to send a pic of my hands as of today. You started me on the Serum on April 19th.  We took pics of my hands. I didn’t use the serum every day after the first two weeks…life got in the way, etc. However, I did still get to use it at least 2 – 3 times a week. I like using it because it dried so quickly, which worked out much better than the other creams I had tried. Long story short..as of today, suddenly my hands look SO much better! When I came to see you, my hands were all cracked and dry…dead skin…YUK! Now I look like I have human hands again. Thank you so much sweetheart. I didn’t want to wait to tell you.  You improved the quality of my life.  I couldn’t even shake hands with people at church (pain)…and you know how people love to shake hands and hug at church! Lol, Gods’ blessings on you and yours,  pressed down and overflowing!  God is SO good!! PS  After two years of dealing with this…and trying at least 20 other products, needless to say…I am tickled to death to have found you.  God sent me to you thru my neighbor. – A. Box


Ya know, what I love most about this serum is that I’ve been using this for about a year and a half….and after 3 surgeries and after scars…I can see a huge difference! In fact the scars are hardly noticeable… God bless you! Stay Inspired. Thank you!” – S. Angelo




I’m a true believer in the Divine Serum!!! My baby had developed a rash on his face. I took him to the doctors and was told it would take a year to go away. I was then referred to the skin doctor. He gave me a cream just for itching and told me it will take a year to go away…… So I turn to Divine Serum. Can we say oh me oh my!!!!!!!! The products are working!!!!!! I’m so grateful for this miracle working serum!!!!!….. the rashy, dry, itch rash my baby developed is now minimize! And need I mention clearing up! Thank you Grayce Egami for your wonderful products!!! Sign one happy Mother and customer:-) – M. Primm


These products are simply amazing!!! What ever your skin care needs are this will truly be the last product you will ever need! She also has some of the most beautiful one of a kind jewelry! Please support this company! – R. Clayton


Thanks to Divine Serum, my 100 year Mother-in-law does not suffer from psoriasis any longer. Dermatoligsts have given her creams that don”t help completely. Last week I bought some from Grayce, and got home,put it on her head. The relief lasted 4 days, with just one application. Finally a product that really works. – B. Scholwin


These products are absolutely amazing and well made. My skin was moisturized without being “greasy”. The aroma of the product was very pleasant and actually lasted all day. I am pleased to recommend the products offered by this company. – K. Kirk


This product works very well, my husband uses it on his hair to give it a gloss and softness for his dry scalp. I use it on my feet , it has them soft and takes away all dryness and peeling. – C. Hawkins


Divine Serums is a phenomenal Product …
My skin has never been so smooth and soft
For Hours ….
I love it ♥ ..
– C. Shantel


I have used a of creams for dry skin , from walgreens to Macy I can say this is truly the top of the line ! I really don’t no how you can make it any better so I said all this just to say , THANK YOU !!!! – P. Nash


The cream worked immediately upon applying to freezer burn on my arms. I recommend you try it!
Thank you,! – G. Rodriguez


My son has eczema but had a major breakout on his hands. I tried using doctor prescribed creams but it was making it worse. My aunt told me about Grayce Egami’s Divine Serum and how it was formulated to help with skin issues. I ordered the product, along with the facial wash and within a few days of applying the Divine Serum to my son’s hands twice daily, the breakout was gone.  Since then, he’s had no more breakouts. Oh, I use the facial wash and serum on a daily bases on my dry face and it keeps it hydrated and smooth. I’m always complimented on how great my skin looks. The results are amazing! – V. Wilson