The originator of the Grayce Egami All-Natural skincare line created her own line of products due to her daughter’s battle with a severe dry skin condition. After completing her degree in Clinical Science, she persistently worked to complete the combination of soothing & conditioning agents to use for her daughter’s skin. She was adamant and persistent in searching for a solution to ease her child’s pain and agony.

Grayce says, “I developed the Divine Products out of pure desperation, as my daughter suffered an extremely dry skin condition. We tried several over the counter creams, ointments, solutions, an prescriptions that did not improve the health of her skin. One day my daughter suffered a severe breakout from a food allergy. She began scratching these hives until bleeding and began crying for hours. I felt hopeless, I began to cry too. At that time, I was inspired to pray and help my daughter, by whatever means necessary. I diligently worked to find a hopeful remedy for my daughter’s condition. I began to research natural methods to soothe, cleanse, and moisturize severely dry and damaged skin. The Divine Serum and Lather were born after persistence and faithful dedication.”

The process of applying the Divine Products to her daughter’s skin began. A consistent application of the Divine Serum formula was applied day and night as needed to keep her skin conditioned and moisturized. The Divine Lather thoroughly cleansed and eased the pangs of her broken & blistered skin, protecting her wounds from infection. Grayce’s first observation was her daughter’s itching pangs began to decrease and her skin remained stable and moisturized throughout the weeks. Open cuts and blisters, due to the extreme dryness and itching, began to repair quickly. Her skin was being protected and properly conditioned by using the Serum Products daily. Grayce’s untiring work paid off, her products were finally completed. Her new formulation began to provide the higher quality of life she had always dreamed of for her daughter.

Grayce desired to mass-produce her successful natural skincare line to assist with minimal to extremely dry skin conditions. She and her staff are currently investigative processes and procedures that will allow the production of her products on a large scale so that the promising results received by her daughter can be shared with individuals across the World.

Divine Serum Salve Development



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