04 Divine Skin-Calming & Hydrating Toner

04 Divine Skin-Calming & Hydrating Toner

Divine Hydrating Toner calms, freshens, & boosts the moisture content of the skin, all while working effectively to condition dry and damaged skin. It is made with a puree’ of plant botanicals and essential oils. Divine Hydrating Toner helps the skin to retain moisturized for hours. Divine Toner helps reduce skin irritations & itching while balancing out the skin’s surface porosity to moisturize dry patches.

“WHY USE” Divine Skin-Calming & Hydrating Toner?

1. Use as a Light Facial & Body Moisturizer
2. Reduce skin discomfort, itching, & dryness
3. Boost moisture content of the skin reducing dehydration
4. Calm skin with all natural plant botanicals and essential oils
5. Even out skin’s surface porosity and balance out dry patches
6. Introduce water soluble active ingredients into the skin
7. Reduce the amount of moisturizer needed to keep the skin hydrated
8. Spray on conveniently for easy application and fast absorption rate
9. Protect the skin against oxidative injury with naturally occurring antioxidants
10. Aides to soothe and calm skin discomforts

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