16oz Divine Lather BodyWash


Long Lasting (3-6 months)

Divine Lather Body Wash™ is a plant-based gentle total body cleanser infused with botanical ingredients and essential oils such as tea tree and patchouli to support the overall integrity of the skin. Made with natural ingredients from organic aloe vera, organic olive seed extracts, organic shea butter fruit which have anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce redness and irritations.
Divine Lather Body Wash works well to deeply cleanse the pores, clear minor body acne or minor topical infections, and provide protection for superficial wounds or shaving abrasions. Divine Lather Body Wash effectively removes clogging oils, toxins, and dead skin. Divine Lather Body Wash supports the overall total health and wellness of the skin when used in a daily cleansing regimen. We Do Not Use: artificial colorings, parabens, or harsh chemicals in our organic products.

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